Killian Grayson (vyrantium) wrote in dumpsterdiving,
Killian Grayson

Anyone In Lansing, Michigan?

I'm kind of new to the frugal lifestyle, as I've been trying to cut costs where I can... diving seems to be a great way to cut down on the grocery bill and come up with some neat things in the process, but I'm pretty nervous since I've never tried it. Also, I really don't know anyone who's done it before and I'd like to go with someone/a group of people I could learn from the first few times at least.

So a few questions:

Is anyone on here from the Lansing area?

Are there any groups for this area that have an online community? I noticed Food Not Bombs had an East Lansing branch listed, but only a phone number and PO Box... no website or email.

Does anyone know of good places in the area to dive?

Anyone know the local laws for this sort of thing? Is dumpster diving outlawed around here, or is it perfectly legal? I'm totally in the dark.

Any help would be appreciated! :)
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