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Waitrose at 8:30. Excitement, a red face. A neighbour kept the door open for me.

- 4 Italian pizzas with caramelized onions and feta
- a bottle of freshly squeezed peach and apple juice drink
- roasted ham, sliced x 2
- ready to eat pineapple chunks
- stuffed vine leaves
- chicken fillets
- various sandwiches x 6
- 4 jars of herring pickled with dill
- rye bread
- fromage frais
- greek yoghurt
- a vegetable samosa
- pork burgers
- eggs
- guacamole x 2
- hummus x 3
- taramasalata x 4
- a shepherd's pie
- poached salmon terrine
- 2x small sticky toffee puddings
- Moroccan thingies made of filo pastry stuffed with lamb, dates and mint
- Moroccan cous cous with chicken and vegetables
- vegetable sets for roasting x 2
- a tub of pepper sauce
- 2 x boxes of scotch eggs
- breaded cod

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Brought a bagful to my friend's. Left a lot of lovely croissants behind.
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