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Where can I Look to Find Snacks?


I'm new here, I can't dive really early nor late but this is my question:
Where can I look for sweet snacks in dumpsters? Sometimes I bring them to munch on while waiting for the library to open. By the way I try to restrict the consumption of sweets, just in case you're worried. ;)
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Oh man, one of the main things my room mates bring home is expired junk food. 100 boxes of granola bars, 20 boxes of generic brand oreos, organic gummy bears, etc. I wish I had the willpower not to eat this shit.

Almost all of it comes from chain pharmacies and dollar store dumpsters.
I'd eat granola bars dumped before its expiration date: I think something past the use by date defeats the purpose of health food. Most junk food has no nutrition so the past date is a non-issue. LOL