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Dumpster Diving in Montreal


I'm wondering if there's anyone from Montreal who would be interested in sharing their knowledge with me! I recently started to be interested in dumpster diving but I don't quite know where to start. I'm also looking for partners to go with me :)
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after hours goodwill dropoffs

So...not exactly dumpster diving question...but close.

What are everyone's thoughts on the items left at goodwill during the night?

I dropped off some items this morning and saw a flower pot i wanted that someone had left during the night. I came back left them an envelope with $2 and wrote down what I took. Am I just being too honest? Is this stuff up for grabs? Especially since I was donating items?
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Help! My Mom Won't Let me Clean up After Recycling /Dumpster Diving!

Two ay ago was my 51st and my mom won't let
me clean up the bathroom and anything I bring home or use in
recycling/dumpster diving because she says household
cleaners and dishwashing soap ruin water pipes!
I recycle/dumpster dive because I'm disabled and the money
and or the things I occassional bring home give me a
meassure of independence. Everything I seem to do is
destructive and abusing the to the house including storing
cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink! She talks to me
about that as if there is something wrong with for having
them She often compares me to Howard Hughes!
Yesterday I was accused of abusing and breaking the washer
by pretreating my dirty smelly clothes with diswashing
detergent and cutting my clothes to alter them--she says the
fabric unravels and ruins the washer!

People have suggested to me my mom's behavior is a pattern
of emotional abuse.
What can I do?

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So, what do you guys consider "dumpster diving"? I basically consider it anything that I can get for free out by the trash on the side of the road or such, not ONLY things I pull from store dumpsters. I found this AWESOME shelf thingy-EXACTLY what I had been looking for to put my crossstitch & sewing magazines in (which, I oddly enough, inherited or got from freecycle...) the other day on my way home from a party (I was quite hungover), and I literally stopped, pulled a blanket and some yarn (it was all I had at the moment, lol) out of my trunk, and tossed the blanket over the top of my 1993 toyota paseo (yes, THAT cheap little POS car...), pushed the shelf thingy onto the top of the car and tied it down with red yarn.

Yep. I proved how cheap I am that day!

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Well shit darkmark


Hey divers!
Anyone in the University of Arizona area? How do you find the pickings? Any really great spots? Off campus housing?
Whats the worst that can happen, if busted?

A group of friends & I scoped things out Thursday night, but there was a LOT of foot traffic, and mostly waste garbage. We did find some treasures tho:
Two laptops (scrapable),
Nice Tshirts & shorts,
Twin size comforter, bedskirts, and sheet set (in its bag),
Mesh clothing hamper,
Razor scooter,
Storage crates,
& other trinkets like stickers, coin tins, etc

Saturday is the dorm move out deadline, so I'm planning on checking things out again this weekend.
Any advice, tips, anything would be great  :)

Keep diving!!
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I just came back from 10 days picking trees on a giant farm, spending my nights camping in the woods and days on my knees in the dirt. The Treepick happens twice a year every year, and this was my very first year attending. This kind of piecework attracts a lot of interesting people, much of whom are travelers, anarchists, performers, or woodsmen. It isnt surprising then that every single person in our gang was a dumpster diver!

We arrived to find that the boss had already dived us a few boxes of vegetables and candy. We had yellow squash, eggplant, cinnamon hearts, and flavoured honey straws. Every day after work we would then hit the Giant Tiger dumpster, bringing home flashing christmas ornaments which we hung around camp, turkey jerky, doughnuts, cookies, and more boxes of veggies. Another successful dive rendered 10 packages of hotdogs! After 6 days or so of that, we had a day off due to pouring rain, so we piled into a car and hit the nearest town! At Mac's we found 50 Kit Kat bars, and a handful of other chocolate bars. We then drove over to the Giant Tiger and scored a carload of cookies, doughnuts, honey buns, and every other sweet treat you can imagine! We also found fake crab meat, which i was not brave enough to try.

What I loved about this was that we all barely had to open our wallets to feed ourselves for the whole contract! We ate healthfully and well because we were willing to work together and bring food back to camp, creating giant curries and stews, fried and roasted veggies, and roasted hotdogs!

Someday I want to run a collective that works much like this. 10 packs of hotdogs? No problem! It will be eaten! 50 Chocolate bars? it will last only 2 days! All the access food we dive will either go to support us, or the long list of people in need that we keep updated. Nothing will ever go to waste!
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