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I just came back from 10 days picking trees on a giant farm, spending my nights camping in the woods and days on my knees in the dirt. The Treepick happens twice a year every year, and this was my very first year attending. This kind of piecework attracts a lot of interesting people, much of whom are travelers, anarchists, performers, or woodsmen. It isnt surprising then that every single person in our gang was a dumpster diver!

We arrived to find that the boss had already dived us a few boxes of vegetables and candy. We had yellow squash, eggplant, cinnamon hearts, and flavoured honey straws. Every day after work we would then hit the Giant Tiger dumpster, bringing home flashing christmas ornaments which we hung around camp, turkey jerky, doughnuts, cookies, and more boxes of veggies. Another successful dive rendered 10 packages of hotdogs! After 6 days or so of that, we had a day off due to pouring rain, so we piled into a car and hit the nearest town! At Mac's we found 50 Kit Kat bars, and a handful of other chocolate bars. We then drove over to the Giant Tiger and scored a carload of cookies, doughnuts, honey buns, and every other sweet treat you can imagine! We also found fake crab meat, which i was not brave enough to try.

What I loved about this was that we all barely had to open our wallets to feed ourselves for the whole contract! We ate healthfully and well because we were willing to work together and bring food back to camp, creating giant curries and stews, fried and roasted veggies, and roasted hotdogs!

Someday I want to run a collective that works much like this. 10 packs of hotdogs? No problem! It will be eaten! 50 Chocolate bars? it will last only 2 days! All the access food we dive will either go to support us, or the long list of people in need that we keep updated. Nothing will ever go to waste!

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