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So, what do you guys consider "dumpster diving"? I basically consider it anything that I can get for free out by the trash on the side of the road or such, not ONLY things I pull from store dumpsters. I found this AWESOME shelf thingy-EXACTLY what I had been looking for to put my crossstitch & sewing magazines in (which, I oddly enough, inherited or got from freecycle...) the other day on my way home from a party (I was quite hungover), and I literally stopped, pulled a blanket and some yarn (it was all I had at the moment, lol) out of my trunk, and tossed the blanket over the top of my 1993 toyota paseo (yes, THAT cheap little POS car...), pushed the shelf thingy onto the top of the car and tied it down with red yarn.

Yep. I proved how cheap I am that day!

I tied the doors together after one popped open and hit me in the lip as I was trying to load it on the car...

And the inside...It wasn't even really dusty or dirty. It has definitely been my best find if this year.

I kinda wanna cover the doors with a wallpaper or something to make it not so stark white (nothing in my house is that stark white), because I feel it won't blend in with my other furniture very well-But its too awesome and perfectly perfect not to have for my magazines!!

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