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I dig through the Garbage!

and i love it!

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dumpster diving
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A community to share your dumpster diving expierences. Share what you have found, tips, suggestions, websites, or anything else related to it.

This community is maintained by dewaltgirl

NO OFF-TOPIC POSTS! this community is monitored, so i won't approve anything that's offtopic, so please don't waste mine or your time(this includes posts about veganism (go here for that: addmeveg), animal rights, politics, activism ect. posts can have stuff about these things in them, but the main point of the post needs to be about DUMPSTER DIVING!...) I'm not kidding. I don't want to be a bitch, but seriously, if people wanted to read about those things than they would be in communities for those things. if you want to post about those things, then find a community for them. People in this community might be interested in those other topics, but if they are, then they'll be in those other communities as well. this community is about dumpster diving. so posts WILL be about dumpster diving. thank you. -Dewaltgirl

p.s. this IS NOT a community for stealing and/or vandalism. I will NOT approve any post that has anything having to do with the two in them and i will delete any comments that has anyting at all to do with either of these things. i can not edit your posts, i can only deny them, and i will. (when i deny it, i will tell you exactly why i'm denying it and you can feel free to edit it and repost it)

If you want to promote a community here, emial me @ Dewaltgirl_ut at hotmail dot com with a DIRECT link. and than wait for me to reply back to your email. most of the time i get to my email with in 12 hours or so. but even if it takes a week, do not post a link to your community until you hear back from me. if i get a notification for approval of a community before i tell you it's okay, i will deny it, even if i would have told you it was okay. even if you're community is directly related to this community, do not post a link to it here with out emailing me and hearing back from me first (i often find that people's definition of what's related is not the same as mine)

I'll allow off topic posts for a few things. if you're writing a paper or need stories or whatever and you think that people in this community might be able to help you out (for instance, stories on traveling with little to no money or how to live with out a job, or whatever other thing) EMAIL ME FIRST! and wait for me to reply back to you telling you it's okay to post. and when you do post, be sure to put everything behind an LJ CUT. if you don't email me first, i'll deny it... no questions asked...it'll just be gone.

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